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The Lake Reaper Bait Boat

The Lake Reaper boat is ideal for those fishermen looking for a compact bait boat of a high quality, at a affordable price. We have tested this boat ourselves in France and found it to be very reliable and easy to use. The boat is very quiet in the water, has a long running time and easy to use bait hopper. Here are some key features:
- Built in 2.4GHz radio prevents interference from other anglers boats aswell as giving the boat a longer range of up to 450 meters!
- Includes 2 x 6 volt 5ah batteries for operating the boat & lights which give you a 3-4 hours continuous run time (approx)
- Fold down aerial on boat to prevent snagging
- Hopper will hold 1 KG of bait + hook bait
- We keep all spare parts in stock!
- Boat takes apart easily so you can access it yourself and ALL PARTS ARE LOW COST!
- Optional Fish finder

A look at the key features of the bait boat...
Sheer Simplicity.

When it comes to operating the Lake Reaper, all you need to do is connect the

2 x 6 volt 5ah batteries provided, flick the switch and away you go. The left stick on your handset operates the throttle & reverse, the right stick is your rudder control for left and right steering and there is a dial on the top right of the handset to release the bait also preventing accidental bait realise. The boat has proportional speed, meaning you can control the speed instead of it going just one speed like other bait boats.



Hopper, aerial & weed guard


The hopper on the Lake Reaper can hold 1KG of bait. It works using a trap door system so when turning the dial on the handset the bait will drop underneath. You can also feed your hooklength through the bottom with ease.


The boats aerial folds down preventing snagging on branches and reeves.A weed guard is fitted underneath to help prevent the propeller getting tangled in weed. 



No interferance & battery indicator...


With the new built in 2.4GHz radio, you no longer have to worry about interferance from other anglers boats as the transmitter and receiver lock together blocking out other signals. It also gives the boat a longer range of 450+ meters (more than enough!)


The boat has two easy to get at switches for the power and lights which are very bright, making the boat easy to see at night. The boat now has a digital battery indicator which shows the voltage of the batteries, making it easier to know when the batteries need charging/changing. The handset also make a sound when its batteries are running low.

Easy to maintain


The Lake Reaper uses componants which are used in Radio Control model boats, such as electric speed controllers and servos. If you was to ever get a fault most parts are usually a straight swap (unplug the old componant and plug in the new).


We keep all spare parts in stock and at a low price. If you ever need to replace a part you can get inside the boat easily. We know this boat inside out so if you ever have a problem or fault most times we will be able to help over the phone!


We offer a fast mail order service so spare parts can be with you in days helping you get back on the water. We offer a next day service if needed!




Optional Fishfinder


The Lake Reaper is available with a fitted Colour Screen Fishfinder


The FF918-C Fishfinder is easy to set up and displays all you need to see on a fishfinder. It has a 350 meter range, large screen and comes with its own stand.


We have tested this model ourselves and found it to be the best & easiest one to use which we have tested.


You can also buy this separately and fit it on a later date. 





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