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Binding Instructions

Connecting Transmitter to Receiver

Binding Instructions for AD-1202 Transmitter


Connect the batteries to the Lake Reaper and have the transmitter next to the boat

At the front of the boat inside the battery compartment, there is a black box with the fuse holder on top. You will need to take the lid of the black box to get inside where the speed controller and receiver is sat inside. The receiver is the smaller of the 2 parts inside the box.


Step 1. Make sure both the boat and transmitter are turned off. Now using a match stick or small screw driver, press a hold down the set button on the receiver inside the boat and then switch the boat on while the button is still pressed down.


Once the boat is on, you can release this button and the status light on the receiver will be flashing orange. The receiver is now in 'bind' mode


Step 2. There is a similar set button on the bottom left of the face of the transmitter. Now do the same with this button, hold it down and turn the handset on, then relase the button. Once you have released the button, you will need to press it again but this time do not hold it down. (When pressing the button the second time, you will notice the green light above the button change to a yellow).


Once you have pressed the button and the light has changed, press the button for a 3rd time but do not release for 5-7 seconds.


Step 3. Binding should now be complete, you should now be able to control the boat using the handset. If binding was not successful, try these steps once more. Failing this please call us on 01865 848000 for more help.  



Binding Lake Reaper DE-104 Radio & Receiver


Make sure the handset is turned off and then turn the receiver on by powering the boat. The receiver light should now be red. Hold down the power button & SET button on the handset at the same time. The red POWER light will turn on and then go to a lighter red within a second. Once the lighter red illuminates, release the power button but continue to hold down the set button for another 3-5 seconds. Now release the SET button and the red power light will begin to flash.


Once flashing, press the SET button once. This will illuminate the blue RF button next to the red power light. Once blue, press the set button once more but hold it down for 3 seconds. The blue RF light will then start to flash.


Once flashing you will have a short time to complete the next step.

There will be a red light showing on the receiver. Next, press down the set button (next to the red light) (it is important that the blue RF light is still flashing) The red light will then change to violet. The binding process will now be complete.


Please note, the receiver can be found in the black square box at the front of the boat (inside) There will be 2 parts inside of the black box, the larger of the 2 is the speed controller and the smaller part is the receiver names DEVICT DE-104.



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